APCS in C++

Unit 1 - Programming Methodology
Unit 2 - Searching and Sorting
Unit 3 - Structs and Recursion
Unit 4 - Using Classes and ADT's
Unit 5 - Stacks, Modifying Classes and Introduction to Pointers
Unit 6 - Linked Lists
Unit 7 - Queues
Unit 8 - Trees
Unit 9 - More Sorting
Unit 10 - BigInt Case Study
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Developed by
Sally Bellacqua
and Mary Johnson
Fairfax County Public Schools

These materials are archived. Current APCS materials in Java are available from the TJ CompSci site.

This set of materials represents a carefully selected group of exercises and lab activities designed to meet the AP Computer Science Topic Outline, using the suggested subset of the C++ language, as described in the Advanced Placement Course Description published by The College Board. These activities provide an outline for study and should be supplemented with outside reading.

M.J. and S.B.
May 1, 1999

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