Linked List Worksheet #1

Use this node definition on the questions that follow.

	struct node
	     int info;
	     node * next;
	     node (int D, node *N)
		: info (D),
		  next (N)
	     { } 		// all fields initialized in initializer list
	} ;			// notice semi-colon
1. Draw a diagram and display the output:
	node *r = new node(9, NULL);
	node *s = new node(7, r);
	node *p = new node(3, s);
	cout << p->info + s->info + r->info << endl;	
2. Complete this swap function:
	void swap (node*a, node*b)
	// pre:	 a and b are initialized and not NULL
	// post: the data stored in the info fields of a and b have been exchanged
3. Consider function CopyFront outlined below:
	void CopyFront (node *L)
	// pre:	 L is not NULL
	// post: the first node in list L has been copied and inserted after the first node
		< more code >
For example:

Which of the following code segments could be used to replace < more code> so that CopyFront works as intended?
	A.  L = new node (L->info, NULL);
	B.  L = new node (L->info, L);
	C.  L = new node (L->info, L->next);
	D.  L->next = new node (L->info, L);
	E.  L->next = new node (L->info, L->next);

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